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Marta Kiss graciously shares her personal experience as a paralegal. Her compassion is abundant, her contribution invaluable. Besides teaching the nuts and bolts of paralegal work in general, she demonstrates how to do a real-property title search (wow). And, every year, she recruits other graduates, also currently employed as paralegals, to conduct a Q&A roundtable for the whole class. It’s no wonder that so many former students happily stay in touch with her long after graduation.

Jane R., 2020 graduate


I ended up landing a job at an immigration firm in Denver, CO.  The hiring attorney mentioned the paralegal program as one of the main reasons for hiring me. I just wanted to thank you for helping me land my dream job!

Ben B., Spring 2019 graduate


The instructors make learning law fun and fully prepare you for the certified paralegal exam. This program gave me the confidence to apply for and land a job 2 months after graduating!

Eryn R., 2019 graduate


To my delight, the knowledge I gained during the program has proven useful on a daily basis both inside and out of my career. I feel more informed to comprehensively understand the news and to make important life decisions.

Logan R., 2019 graduate


UNC’s paralegal program teaches you the basics of North Carolina’s legal system, allows you to make great friends in the profession, and prepares you well for both the certification exam and for your first paralegal job. I was able to hit the ground running at a busy litigation firm immediately after graduating from the program, and that would not have been possible without the great instruction we received from Steve and our other instructors. Additionally, completing the program confirmed my desire to go to law school and eventually become an attorney–I am currently a student at UNC School of Law, and I can personally attest that the paralegal curriculum prepares you extremely well for the first year of law school. I was already well-versed in the procedural specifics and legal terminology used in first-year law school classes as a result of the program, and that was an invaluable tool.

Andrew B., 2019 graduate


I feel fully prepared to start work as a paralegal. I thoroughly enjoyed this program. I learned so much and was disappointed when it was over. The pace and assignments were manageable, and every class was interesting.

2018 graduate


Whether you are seeking a career as a paralegal, looking to improving your skills if already a paralegal, or testing the waters prior to committing to law school, the UNC Paralegal Program will give you the tools and knowledge that you need to succeed.

2018 graduate


I think the instructors really make the course what it is. They make it fun to learn and motivated to come to class. The textbooks used are excellent resources and so is Lexis. I just think the whole package of this program can’t be beat.

2018 graduate

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