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Course Instructors

Steven A. McCloskey

Lead Instructor

Steve McCloskey - Lead Paralegal Instructor


Steve McCloskey received a Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Tech in 1974. From 1974 to 1978, he was a police officer in Greensboro, N.C. He then spent several years in real estate and entered the School of Law at North Carolina Central University in 1996. He earned his JD degree, cum laude, from NC Central in 1999.

Since 1999, Steve has had a law practice in Winston-Salem, where he concentrates in the areas of torts and contract law. He has taught paralegal studies since 2004, and has appeared as a guest lecturer for the NC Paralegal Association. He has written two books on the law: Essentials of Real Estate Law, and Surety Law in North Carolina. Steve holds a Master of Legal Letters (LL.M.) degree in Estate Planning and Elder Law. In 2015, he received the Friday Center’s Excellence in Teaching award.

“My passions are the law and teaching, and I am fortunate to be able to combine them in offering this Paralegal Certificate program with UNC-Chapel Hill. I went to law school relatively late, and so I appreciate how important it is for people to have the opportunity to change career paths, which can translate into changing one’s life path. Helping students to learn about the law, and knowing they are using that knowledge to thrive in their new profession, is a privilege and a joy. I invite you to join us for the UNC Paralegal Program … and change your life forever.”

—Steve McCloskey, Lead Instructor

“I have enormous respect for Steve McCloskey—a bright and enthusiastic former student, a skilled legal practitioner, and an experienced teacher. He is legally knowledgeable, personally engaging, wise, and humane. He will be an outstanding paralegal instructor.”—Jack Boger, former Dean, UNC School of Law

“Steve’s passion for the law was evident throughout his teachings and really set the tone for learning in the course.”

—2018 graduate


John Nieman

Criminal Law Instructor

John Nieman - Instructor
After graduating from the North Carolina Central School of Law, John Nieman began his legal career as a sole practitioner in Chapel Hill. He then served as a prosecutor with the Guilford County District Attorney’s Office, and later became a member of the litigation department at the law firm of Donaldson and Black in Greensboro, NC. In 2004, he joined the Office of the Public Defender in Guilford County.

John’s primary area of practice has been criminal law. He has been teaching criminal law, family law, contracts, torts, and property law to paralegals since 1995. He was formerly on the faculty of the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys, where he taught trial advocacy and evidence and co-created the evidence curriculum still being used for new prosecutors in North Carolina.

“I’d like to say that Mr. McCloskey and Mr. Nieman are both exceptional instructors.  The program was well-constructed, and incredibly valuable.  The knowledge Steve and John provided has been indispensable.”

—Ben A., 2019 graduate


Marta Kiss

Instructor and Graduate

Marta KissMarta Kiss has worked as a paralegal since 2015, when she began working for a federal public defender. She graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill’s Paralegal program in December 2017, and became certified in June 2018.

Marta loved UNC’s program so much, she immediately asked to become involved after graduation, and has been teaching since January 2018. After difficulty getting her husband’s green card sparked a greater interest in immigration law, Marta began working at an immigration law firm starting in 2017. Now, she has started her own freelance paralegal business, where she will focus on giving paralegal services to solo attorneys in a variety of areas of law including criminal, immigration, and real estate.

Marta is originally from San Diego, Calif., and graduated from Liberty University with a BA in Education. Shortly after graduation, she moved to Budapest, Hungary, where she taught English at a private school for five years. She met her husband while in Hungary. They are now settled in Durham, and her husband recently became a U.S. citizen.


“Marta is an approachable and insightful teacher.  I appreciate her openness about all aspects of being a paralegal — the good and the well, challenging!”

—Beth V., 2021 graduate

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