Tania Osborne - Graduate

Tania Osborn – Classroom Paralegal Program

Tania Osborn worked as a legal assistant at her husband’s law practice for many years. When her husband unexpectedly passed away in 2007, she found herself without her spouse, and without a job to support her and her two teenage daughters. Tania had a background in engineering, but in the midst of her family tragedy she wanted to reinvent herself. As a part of that transformation, she decided to enroll in the UNC Paralegal Certificate Program.

Tania had worked primarily on criminal law as part of her husband’s firm, but she found that the Paralegal Program gave her the freedom to explore other niches in the legal profession. To her surprise, she soon cultivated an interest in contract law. “My confidence grew during the course,” she says. “I discovered more of my strengths and became excited about moving forward in my career.”

With her paralegal expertise, Tania was promoted to her new job at the UNC Office of Sponsored Research, reviewing grants and contracts. “The Paralegal Program offers a ‘bag of goodies’ you can offer an employer. The program allows you to stick your toe in the water on a career path without making a huge time investment—that’s an ideal setup for adult learners.”

Tania takes a great deal of pride in finding the courage to try something new while in the middle of her life. “I came to the program for education but I found inspiration,” she says. Tania provides a fair amount of inspiration, too.


Allison Norris – Online Paralegal Program

“I was apprehensive about taking courses online but quickly realized that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s online paralegal program was a smooth and seamless educational experience. I feel that I learned just as easily as I would have in the classroom setting. The time, effort, and money saved by not having to drive to campus while studying from the comfort of my home was invaluable.

The instructors who taught in the program kept the lectures lively and engaging. While covering a wide range of legal topics, they provided a foundation in the practical aspects of paralegal work.”

About the Program:

“The Paralegal Certificate Program far exceeded my expectations. I am confident the knowledge I’ve gained over the past 19 weeks has prepared me well for the certification exam and to begin a new career in the legal field.”

– 2016 Classroom Paralegal Certificate Program graduate

About Lead Instructor, Steve McCloskey:

“It has been so great having Steve as our lead instructor. He is extremely knowledgeable and has an uncanny knack for bringing the material to life in a way that is tangible and memorable. He’s also incredibly personable and funny! I will honestly miss attending his classes.”

– 2016 Classroom Paralegal Certificate Program graduate

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